Dual Enrollment Better Shapes Students for College

Written by: Alex Dunn | Photography by: Micki K Photography

Anzlie Brogdon of Lanier County High School has taken Dual Enrollment classes ever since she was a freshman. Now, three years later, she is not only happy that many of her core classes for college are out of the way, but that she has also accomplished it before even graduating high school. Brogodon will have earned 45 college credits by the time she graduates this May.

Brogdon’s honor class was approached by her principal and guidance counselor to participate in Wiregrass Technical College’s Dual Enrollment program, which lead her to begin the program her first semester of sophomore year. Professors come to her campus to teach, but she quickly found out that her schedule varied based on the classes she took each semester.

“Each Dual Enrollment schedule varied,” Brogdon said. “For instance, one of my history classes in the past, the professor came every day, but for some classes the professor may come twice a week, like the current two classes I am taking now, which is pre-calculus and public speaking.”

Brogdon participates in softball, basketball, soccer, and track at her school. Although she has played sports her entire high school career, she has played softball since she was 6 and basketball since she was 10, so she is no stranger to balancing sports and school work.

With all these sports sidelining her academic career, it is clear that Brogdon’s schedule is not an easy one. However, these are some of the factors that she claims helped her on her way to becoming a better and more prepared college student.

“Dual Enrollment and athletics combined allow me to become more responsible to get my work done,” she said. “You have to plan ahead and make sure you get assignments done before game day, but other than that, Dual Enrollment is worth participating in because you get to play sports while getting ahead in college.”

If Brogdon can participate in Dual Enrollment and four different sports during her last three years of high school, it can be even easier for students who don’t have as much on their plates and want to get ahead. Brogdon understands how much the Dual Enrollment program has impacted her not only because of her advancement in college before she even starts, but also because it has changed her productivity as a student and athlete.

“The Dual Enrollment program has shaped me into the student I am today,” she said. “The program has made me take education seriously because your future career will depend on your grades in college. I would recommend other students to take Dual Enrollment classes because it will help them get ahead in college and become prepared for actual college life. Dual Enrollment is free college credits, so it would be a good idea to take this opportunity.”

What are the benefits of taking Wiregrass Technical College courses while in high school through Dual Enrollment?

• Degree-level core classes will transfer to University System of Georgia or Technical College System of Georgia colleges or universities plus many other colleges and universities outside of the state of Georgia.
• Transferability is dependent on many factors, including major.
• College credits count toward new high school rigor requirements and HOPE Scholarship rigor requirements.
• Tuition and textbooks are totally covered through the Dual Enrollment program, and Wiregrass exempts all student fees for high school students participating in Dual Enrollment. You are required to pay zero out-of-pocket expenses to attend Wiregrass while in high school.
• Students who participate in Dual Enrollment courses get a 0.5 boost in their HOPE Scholarship GPA calculation upon graduation from high school.

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