Leadership at Its Finest

Written by: Dominic Ligon
Photography by: Eric Vinson

To have the opportunity to finish college courses while still in high school is an exceptional way to get ahead of the game. Blaize Minick, an 18-year-old high school senior at Southeast Bulloch High School, recognizes the benefits of Dual Enrollment all too well. Born and raised in Brooklet, Georgia, Minick is a two-way athlete who plays football and baseball. While participating in high school athletics and academics, Minick has created a healthy balance by also enrolling in Ogeechee Technical College’s (OTC) Dual Enrollment program.

Sports have been a huge part of Minick’s life since the young age of 4. Although he plays both football and baseball, Minick said baseball is his favorite sport. However, there are some similarities between his positions at quarterback and pitcher.

“I would definitely consider my leadership skills to be my strong suit,” he said.

It makes sense, with both positions being the center of control for each sport. Minick taking early college classes through Ogeechee Technical College’s Dual Enrollment program demonstrates his ability to take control of his academic future too.

OTC’s Dual Enrollment program offers the opportunity to attain early college credits while still in high school. As long as certain scores are made in either the SAT, ACT, PSAT, COMPASS, or ASSET standardized tests, getting accepted into the program is simple. Once desired scores are met, students enroll in college courses and receive textbooks at no cost to the student. Minick is now taking English 1101 and Math 1111 in OTC’s Dual Enrollment program; these core credits can be applied to both his high school graduation requirements and to almost any college he decides to attend in the future.

“The program allowed me to boost my high school GPA back to a 3.0, and the later Dual Enrollment classes allow me to even sleep in a tad bit longer in the mornings,” he said. “I seriously recommend OTC’s program to any high school student.”

Minick also takes two regular high school courses to finish off his last semester in high school.
Minick’s skills on the baseball field have provided the Yellow Jacket with several college scholarship offers. He plans on majoring in electrical engineering and credited his father, who works as an engineer, as his inspiration. Minick doesn’t want to waste any time where academics are involved and prides himself on taking the initiative of getting a head start on his college career. It seems as if Minick is on the road to success.

Getting started on your college education has never been easier!

Meet with your high school counselor to discuss whether Dual Enrollment is an option for you.

Contact OTC’s High School Coordinator for Admissions Requirements.

Upon admission, you will meet with your counselor and OTC’s High School Coordinator to discuss course options.

High School Coordinator

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