2023 Alabama High School Girls Basketball Rankings: Classes 1A-7A

Alabama High School Girls Basketball Top 25: Classes 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A

Update 1/30/23

The latest update of our 2023 Alabama high school girls basketball 1A-7A rankings does not feature much widespread movement, but rather a few small takeaways throughout the Top 25. Bob Jones, for examples, rises a spot to No. 3, Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa jump two spots to No. 14, and Mortimer Jordan does the same up to No. 20. Two new teams enter the rankings at Nos. 24-25: Class 5A’s Jasper and 6A’s McGill-Toolen. The Vikings have as impressive a record as any team across the state this season, while McGill-Toolen continues to emerge as one of the better teams in Class 6A.

  1. Hazel Green (6A) E
  2. Hoover (7A) E
  3. Bob Jones (7A) +1
  4. Vestavia Hills (7A) -1
  5. Good Hope (4A) E
  6. Deshler (4A) E
  7. Sparkman (7A) E
  8. Trinity Presbyterian (3A) E
  9. Guntersville (5A) E
  10. Prattville Christian (4A) E
  11. Hewitt-Trussville (7A) E
  12. Davidson (7A) +1
  13. Sardis (5A) +1
  14. Hillcrest – Tuscaloosa (6A) +2
  15. Chelsea (7A) -3
  16. Susan Moore (3A) -1
  17. Plainview (3A) E
  18. Spring Garden (1A) E
  19. Huffman (6A) +1
  20. Mortimer Jordan (6A) +2
  21. Pleasant Grove (5A) -2
  22. Eufaula (5A) +1
  23. Carver – Montgomery (6A) +1
  24. Jasper (5A) NR
  25. McGill-Toolen (6A) NR

Updated 1/16/23

As with our most recent boys rankings, the Top 25 for 2023 Alabama high school girls basketball is shifting to one singular ranking going forward, which combines Classes 1A-7A. In this new ranking, Class 6A’s Hazel Green takes the top spot in the state, but the gap is certainly slim between the Trojans and No. 2 Hoover. Vestavia Hills, Bob Jones, and Good Hope round out the top five. Almost every classification features at least one team in this new rankings update, with Class 2A the lone exception

  1. Hazel Green (6A)
  2. Hoover (7A)
  3. Vestavia Hills (7A)
  4. Bob Jones (7A)
  5. Good Hope (4A)
  6. Deshler (4A)
  7. Sparkman (7A)
  8. Trinity Presbyterian (3A)
  9. Guntersville (5A)
  10. Prattville Christian (4A)
  11. Hewitt-Trussville (7A)
  12. Chelsea (7A)
  13. Davidson (7A)
  14. Sardis (5A)
  15. Susan Moore (3A)
  16. Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa (6A)
  17. Plainview (3A)
  18. Spring Garden (1A)
  19. Pleasant Grove (5A)
  20. Huffman (6A)
  21. Foley (7A)
  22. Mortimer Jordan (6A)
  23. Eufaula (5A)
  24. Carver-Montgomery (6A)
  25. Geneva (4A)


Rankings were previously split into upper and lower classifications. To view the previous rankings for Class 1A-3A, click here. To view the previous rankings for Class 4A-7A, click here.

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