Bolles Swimming Olympic Lineage

The Bolles School is notable for a plethora of sports, having put out elite talent in everything from baseball to football to lacrosse to soccer. But none of these sports come close to the success of the swimming program, which has won 17 national titles throughout the history of the program.

Bolles has produced a total of 50 Olympians representing 28 countries or territories, including Brazil, Thailand, and Spain. Of those 50 Olympians, 13 have won medals in swimming. Most notably, Ryan Murphy, a Bolles alum who swam for Team USA, won three gold medals in the 2016 Olympics in the 100-meter backstroke, 200 backstroke, and the 400 medley relay.

The success Bolles swimming has garnered is borderline legendary and will likely entice more young swimmers to attend the school and continue the Olympic lineage.