Trojans’ Hopes Anchored by Veteran Defense

Losing an all-state quarterback, all-state running back, and your entire offensive line is not typically a formula for success, but the Trojans are preparing for another long season of weekly battles.

“We play a ten game schedule without even one week that isn’t against a quality opponent,” said head coach Robby Pruitt. “Mentally it just racks you. Our guys have to learn to get themselves up every single week because that’s what our schedule demands.”

After narrowly losing key region games and capturing the 4th seed entering the 2016 playoffs, Coffee County made an impressive run through the bracket before stalling against Dalton. So this year, prolonged focus and endurance is key.

“The biggest challenge for us this year is going to be keeping our guys healthy,” Pruitt said. “We don’t have a lot of depth and we are going to really have to hope like crazy that we don’t lose anybody, because it’s such a physical league.”

The Trojans will look to improve upon their region record and playoff performance, largely leaning on their defensive core.

“We’re so new and there are so many new faces on the offensive side that we’re going to have to rely on our defense,” Pruitt said. “We have most of our defense back to play strong and give the offense a little time to try to improve and establish our identity.”

In the Game Magazine / South Georgia / August – September 2017

Coffee County Trojans

Trojans’ Hopes Anchored by Veteran Defense

Written by Cole Parker

Photos by Marque Milla Reese

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