Top 5 Sports Movies – Part 2

Last week, I gave you my top five favorite sports movies, and this week we’re back at it again! Would these movies make it on your list?

5. Coming in at No. 5 is the legendary “Space Jam,” starring the one and only Michael Jordan. I love how this movie is a combination of animation and real life. When evil aliens kidnap the Looney Tunes characters to have a new attraction at Moron Mountain, Bugs Bunny challenges them to a basketball game to determine their fate. The aliens are down for the challenge, but they steal powers from top basketball athletes to try to win. Determined to overcome, Bugs Bunny gets help from the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan.

4. Making it on the list at No. 4 is a golf favorite: “Caddyshack.” When teenager Danny Noonan starts working at snobby Bushwood Country Club to raise money for college, he starts to caddy for an influential club member. During his time there, he must prepare for a big tournament. Along the way he also receives advice from a wealthy golf guru.

3. I love biographies, so combine that with sports and you have greatness. Coming in at No. 3 is “Ali,” based on the true story of boxer, philanthropist, and social activist Muhammad Ali. This movie shares Ali’s geniuses, conflicts, and triumphs. Will Smith did a fantastic job embodying the greatest boxer of all time.

2. At No. 2 I have “Friday Night Lights,” which is based on a true story. High school football is extremely popular in this small town in Texas, and they take it seriously. When one of the star players get hurt, the city is deeply saddened. When social problems flare up, it’s up to the new head coach to bring unity and honor back to the town and team.

1. Coming in this week as the best sports movie is “Coach Carter,” starring Samuel L. Jackson. When Ken Carter returns to his old high school to coach the boys’ basketball team, he has a lot to handle. The school is in a rough neighborhood, and violence is all around. However, he pushes the team with strict rules and discipline to lead them on a winning streak. When the players start to get a little lousy with their grades, the coach shuts down the gym and stops them from playing their championship season. The parents are not too happy about it, but Carter makes it clear that academics come first.