Top 5 Christmas Gifts For Sports Fans

  1. Tickets to the Tampa Bay Lightning or Orlando Magic – Both of these team play at the highest level and are just a short drive from Jacksonville. Since the NHL and NBA seasons are so long, ticket prices aren’t too steep, which allows you to pick the right game you want to see!
  2. Team Throw Blankets – Although it doesn’t get super cold in Jax all that often, we do experience cold snaps here and there. And when it does get colder, there’s nothing like cuddling under your Jags blanket by the fire with some hot cocoa.
  3. Team Jerseys – NFL jerseys are not cheap. Due to the influx in the market during the holidays, select jerseys go on sale and become a value purchase. Get your Minshew III jersey before it goes back up to that absurd price.
  4. Signed Memorabilia – This isn’t something for everyone, but Ebay has great deals on signed photos with certificates of authenticity. If you pick the right one, the value could skyrocket, leaving your loved one with a valuable commodity on their hands.
  5. Team Flag – Just in time for bowl games and playoffs, represent your team of choice with a high flying flag in your front yard to display your true fandom.