Northeast Florida Area Volleyball Players to Watch

NAME: Alie Smithweb NEvb inset1 NF 1015

SCHOOL: Creekside High School


POSITION: Outside Hitter

2014 Stats

Attack Kills: 220 

Assists: 7 

Aces: 40

Blocks: 36

Digs: 295

Coach’s View:

“Alie’s energy and competitiveness separates her from other players.  She is the first to cheer on her team and will be the player running over chairs or tables to keep a ball in play.  She is PASSIONATE, aggressive, energetic, loud, fun, you can see her love for the game when she is playing.”

Player Commentary:

“I love how fast the game is and being able to hear the crowd cheering you on.  Also I love the atmosphere of the court when your team makes a big play.  I love getting wrapped up in the volleys and each point.”

In the Game Player Outlook:

Alie finished last year with a team leading 220 kills and settled just inside the area’s top 20 in kills as only a sophomore.   She should crack the top 10 this year as she looks to lead her team past the regional finals benchmark the Knights set a year ago.

web NEvb inset2 NF 1015NAME: Ally Smith 

SCHOOL: Fleming Island

GRADE: 11th 

POSITION: Outside Hitter

Committed to Palm Beach Atlantic University

2014 Stats

Attack Kills: 194

Aces: 58

Digs: 233

Coach’s Comments:

“Ally is an impeccable volleyball player, but an even better. she’s an amazing person.  Ally represents what every student athlete should aspire to be.  What separates her from others is her work ethic, attitude, and passion for the game.”

Player Commentary:

“My favorite thing about volleyball is the competition.  Nothing is better than playing in a match against an opponent that challenges my team.  I  love to be pushed to the limits.  Also, after my teammate makes a momentum changing play, I love to watch and take part in their reaction.  To see the same fire and passion and passion that I have come out in one of my teammates, makes the game even more enjoyable.”

NAME: Amy Bentonweb NEvb inset3 NF 1015

SCHOOL: Ponte Vedra

GRADE: 12th

POSITION: Outside Hitter/ Libero

2014 Stats

Attack Kills: 334


Aces: 80

Blocks: 8

Digs: 385

Coach’s Comments:

“Her competitiveness and not settling for 2nd place is what separates her from other players.  Amy is truly ‘old school’ in that she wants only to strive to be a winner, in her mind I truly believe she does not want a 2nd place trophy, or for just participating; that is not good enough in her mind.”

Player Commentary:

“My favorite thing about volleyball is all of the completely different positions and skills that are required .  Everyone has their own special skill and you need a good balance of all of them.  I love taking my skills and strengths to the court no matter which position I play.”

web NEvb inset4 NF 1015NAME: Angela Chan

SCHOOL: Bishop Kenny

GRADE: 11th


2014 STATISTICS (Stanton Prep)

Attack Kills: 31

Assists: 579 

Aces: 63

Digs: 136

Coach’s Comments:

“Chan’s strengths are that she utilizes every aspect of her physique to be the most competitive setter she can be.  She is great defender and makes smart choices on offense.  She is a hard-working player who completes tasks with an infectious smile. ”

Player Commentary:

My motivations:

  • Winning.
  • The desire to play at the highest level possible.
  • Playing in a team setting and taking on different levels of competition together while sharing a common goal of being victorious on the court.
  • My teammates and my coaches.    They inspire me to do my best at all times and get better every day.

NAME: Kayla Dugganweb NEvb inset5 NF 1015

SCHOOL: Fernandina Beach

GRADE: 11th

POSITION: Opposite Hitter

2014 Stats

Attack Kills: 258

Assists: 30

Aces: 26

Blocks:  24

Digs: 116

Coach’s Comments:

“Kayla’s biggest strengths are athleticism, court sense, determination and jumping ability.  She has natural court instincts and always wants to win badly.”

Player Commentary:

“My playing style is that I am loud and intense because I can’t stand to lose.  My favorite thing about the sport is the energy and intensity that player brings to the court.  It makes the game better to not only watch but play.”

web NEvb inset6 NF 1015NAME: Madison Dill

SCHOOL: St Johns Country Day

GRADE: 12th

Committed to the University of Miami

2014 Stats

Attack Kills: 325

Assists: 16

Aces: 67

Blocks: 29

Digs: 150

Coach’s Comments:

Madison’s strengths are that she is 6’3, very strong and uses her body on the front row.  She reads the game better than any player I have ever coached.  Madison style of play can best be described as aggressive and hard-core. She is smart on the court and can see the defense trying to defend her has a weak spot or a hole she will place the ball in that spot”

Player Commentary:

“My favorite volleyball memory is getting offered by the University of Miami and I committed soon after. My goal since I first started volleyball was to play division I volleyball and when I committed I knew I would be able to fulfill my dream.”

NAME: Riley Coonan web NEvb inset7 NF 1015

SCHOOL: Bolles

GRADE: 11th

POSITION: Middle Blocker


Recruited by:  William and Mary, Duke, Yale, University of Tampa

2014 Stats 

Attack Kills: 217

Aces: 20

Blocks: 56

Digs: 35

Coach’s Comments:

“Riley has an outstanding work ethic and a deep love for the game.  As a middle, she has great quickness and can move laterally extremely well.  She wants to be the best player she can be.  She works hard, is open to coaching and is committed to getting better each day.”

Player Commentary:

“The presence of a team a team is my favorite thing about volleyball.  Your teammates are the people you put your faith in and they are what makes the game what it is.  They are there to support you but also rely on you to support them.  It is great having people by your side when doing the thing you love.”

Northeast Florida/October 2015

Player Profile

Alie Smith, Ally Smith, Amy Benton, Angela Chan, Kayla Duggan, Madison Dill, & Riley Coonan

By: Skyler Callender