Kenleigh Cahalan Named Alabama Female Athlete of the Month

Hewitt-Trussville Softball Player Kenleigh Cahalan Voted ITG Next Alabama Female Athlete of the Month

It’s hard to find a more accomplished prep softball player in Alabama than Hewitt-Trussville junior Kenleigh Cahalan. One of the nation’s top high school softball players, Cahalan had a phenomenal March and earned our ITG Next Alabama Female Athlete of the Month honors with 32.87% of the votes.

A multi-time all-state selection, Cahalan is no stranger to success on the softball field. She has continued to improve offensively from year to year, posting some eye-popping numbers along the way. Her March output included a .622 average, nine home runs, and 27 RBI.

“Ken has always been incredibly talented, but what has always set her apart is her discipline and work ethic,” said Huskies head softball coach Taylor Burt. “Not many kids are willing to do the things she does on a consistent basis to make sure she’s the absolute best she can be. I think the most impressive thing about her is that she has kept that consistency since the day I met her. Each year she has gotten better and better, finding ways to turn her weaknesses into strengths.”

It’s easy to see, then, why the Alabama commit has continued to improve her game each season.

“She works her butt off,” Burt said. “She not only gets her reps in, they are always intentional and purposeful reps – she never just goes through the motions. She attacks her weaknesses so that she is always improving.

“This year her discipline at the plate has stood out just as much as her ability to crush the ball,” the coach added. “She doesn’t get many good pitches from most teams and has done an incredible job of taking the walk instead of anxiously swinging outside of the zone. She is very routine, she knows her swing inside and out and doesn’t stray from what works for her.”

While she certainly is a phenomenal hitter, Cahalan is not merely a one-dimensional player.

“Everyone talks about her hitting, but she is an insane defender as well, and she has worked equally as hard at being a great shortstop and third baseman,” Burt said.

Cahalan’s impact at Hewitt-Trussville is evident both on and off the field.

“Kenleigh is someone all of the other girls look to because of her work ethic and personality,” Burt said. “She raises the level of play for those around her anytime she steps on the field. She isn’t one to say a lot, but she is a lead-by-example kind of kid and the girls really look to her to be a leader in that way.

“Off the field Kenleigh’s sense of humor stands out the most; her teammates love her and enjoy being around her. Ken is extremely disciplined in all areas of her life and her teammates admire that quality about her.

“She is elite and in a class of her own in all aspects of the game and she has earned every bit of it. It has been a pleasure to watch her grow into the person and player she is today. Her future is limitless.”

Congratulations to Hewitt-Trussville’s Kenleigh Cahalan, our ITG Next Alabama Female Athlete of the Month for March.


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