Elite School for 3RD Straight Year

The Pierce County audio visual class is constantly trying their hardest to represent their school and all its happenings. We are proud to be a part of this pathway. It’s like a family; all of our successes are group successes, and all of our learning moments are shared among the team.

When NFHS Network named us a National Elite school for the third year in a row, we were overjoyed. It’s a large reminder of the goal we strive for daily. We want to highlight our opportunities, wins, and representatives of good character.

The audio visual class has a tradition of surprising Dara Bennett, our principal, with the banner we are given along with our elite title. When we showed our accomplishment, you wouldn’t believe her support. We know she is proud of us, and she always encourages us to do our best work. Without her, it’s no doubt that the Elite title would be nearly unreachable. We never expected this kind of honor, and NFHS doesn’t just hand out Elite titles to anyone.

This is the fourth straight national award for PCHS, which in 2014-15 earned “Select” status, the Network’s second highest honor. PCHS has earned the Network’s highest honor, Elite Status, every year since 2015.

We distinguished ourselves as leaders among the 1,350-plus schools involved in the School Broadcast Program, as PCHS was among 50 schools from 15 different states to achieve the top honor of Elite school status this year. On average, Elite schools produced over 100 events across seven different sports. Elite schools are the best of the best when it comes to producing, broadcasting, promoting, and covering their schools’ activities, and it’s our honor to be chosen for such a high reward.

“I am extremely proud of John DuPont and the AV class for winning another national award, and their work should be commended,” Bennett said. “The community would miss out without all of their commitment and help.”

We are proud of our past success, but we are focused on the future of the AV class and are continuing to strive for success. The audio visual class is constantly trying to improve and won’t settle until their craft is perfect and everyone who looks at their work is pleased. DuPont and every student enrolled in this pathway know that excellence is the standard at PCHS, and their work shows it.

“This award represents a lot of hard work by student broadcasters after hours,” DuPont said. “Also, because most of our broadcasts are sporting events, it underscores how many playoff games our teams play. So, it really is a badge of honor for our students, our student-athletes, and the coaches at PCHS.”

While the praise and the awards are great, we will continue to focus on our work for the Pierce County community to enjoy.

Written by: Jaron Raulerson and Makayla Copeland