4 Questions with Kevious Johnson

4 Questions with Kevious Johnson
Turner County Football Head Coach

1. This is your first season as head coach at Turner County. How has this season been?
“This season has been a really interesting season, especially with being a first-year head coach in the middle of a pandemic. With that being said, I’m extremely proud of the players and the coaching staff because everyone comes to work every day giving their best above all despite all the extra distractions this year has added to our lives.”

2. What’s been the strength of your team so far this season?
“The strength of our team is truly everyone. The players have done an unbelievable job of helping to change the culture of Turner County football. We approach each and every day, task, and breath with the mindset of becoming a champion for life. With that mindset, the lives of those young men will forever be changed for the better, and it will go farther than any football field in the world.”

3. You’ve been able to put together a really good staff of assistant coaches. Talk about that process, and how important is it to have that support?
“Having like-minded people who truly care about young people is very important. We have a staff of coaches who first and foremost care about building positive relationships with our players. Our program is built on a strong foundation of love, and that is carried out daily from all who enter and exit the doors of our field house. Love makes it enjoyable to be a part of for all of our players and coaches. I’m extremely thankful for having coaches who truly understand why we are in the coaching profession, which is to better the lives of young people.”

4. If you weren’t a high school football coach, what career or profession would you have chosen? 
“This is a very difficult question because I have been around ball fields my entire life and was practically raised around them. Both of my parents coached sports, so it is in my blood. Outside of coaching, I thoroughly enjoy grilling, so I could see myself trying my hand at starting a BBQ business or restaurant if I had chosen a different career.”