3 Unique Sports You’ve Never Watched Before

Sport is defined as “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” 

Our society has normalized some sports over others, but the very definition of sport allows for a bit of creativity that lets it come in different shapes and sizes. No one can define what is officially a sport and what is not. Even at the Olympics, which were supposed to start this month, you have sports such as race walking, handball, and equestrian competition. Here are three very real sports that you’ve probably never watched. 

1. Chessboxing

The ultimate test of your brains and brawn, chessboxing is exactly as it sounds: It’s a strenuous three-minute round of blitz chess coupled with a hyper-intense three-minute round of boxing

A chessboxing fight consists of 11 rounds, six rounds of chess and five rounds of boxing, and a victory in either chess or boxing wins and ends the entire contest. Chess and boxing rounds alternate, and a full-distance contest begins and ends with a round of chess. This becomes difficult because you don’t get to rest between boxing rounds. Each round of chess is given a timer, which typically forces a player to quickly make a move in the matter of 10 seconds. 

The match ends simply by either winning the boxing or chess match, either by knockout or technical knockout in boxing or a win via checkmate in chess. It’s a sport full of high stress and intensity every second. 


2. Sumo Wrestling

You’ve certainly heard of the giant wrestlers of Sumo, but the sport is one of the most exciting in the world and requires a lot more athleticism than you’d think. Sumo wrestling matches rarely last longer than one or two seconds, and rarely ever last longer than one minute. 

The sport is simple: Two fighters are placed in a small circle, and the goal is to either drive a wrestler out of the circle or make a part of his body touch the ground other than his feet. These wrestlers weigh in at a minimum of 300 pounds, but must have quick reflexes and instincts to be one of the best. 

Sumo wrestlers live a unique way of life. Their profession as a wrestler has its own cultures and beliefs that they live by once they join a Sumo wrestling stable. The culture affects what they wear, how they do their hair, and if they marry, and they cannot drive. These wrestlers are dedicated athletes, and their sport is as impressive as any other in the world. 


3. Bossaball 

What is better than volleyball? Well, volleyball with a trampoline, of course. Bossaball is a game of volleyball that is played on an inflatable course with a trampoline in the middle. But it also incorporates sports like soccer and gymnastics. Each time the ball is played over the net, a team gets five touches, and one must be played using their feet before sending the ball over the net. 

The trampoline adds to the effects, as it allows for more high-flying spikes, blocks, and just general entertainment. I don’t recommend trying this sport at home, but the excitement is second to none. 


What is another unique sport that goes unnoticed? Let me know your sport to watch!




Written by: Kyle Grondin