2020 Olympic Plot Twist

Every four years we wait in anticipation to see the best talent from all over the world compete in the Olympics in hopes of bringing home the gold.


Well fasten your seat belts for 2020, because even more Olympic events are coming your way.


For the first time ever there will be 3vs3 basketball instead of just the traditional 5vs5.


The 3vs.3 will be a half court game of ten minutes or the first team to get to 21 points.


There also will now be baseball, softball, skateboarding, karate, surfing, and sport climbing.


Mixed gender relays will debut for the first time for swim, track & field, and triathlons.


So now, mixed-gendered events are jumping from nine events to a total of 18.

Take a look:

EVENTS – Additions unless specified
Sport Event #
Aquatics (Swimming) 800m (M) & 1500m (W) +2
4x100m Medley Mixed Relay +1
Archery Mixed Team Event +1
Athletics 4x400m Mixed Relay +1
Basketball 3×3 (M/W) +2
Boxing Transfer of two men’s events to two women’s events 0
Canoe Transfer of three men’s events to three women’s events 0
Cycling (BMX) BMX Freestyle Park (M/W) +2
Cycling (Track) Madison (M/W) +2
Fencing Team Events (M/W) +2
Judo Mixed Team Event +1
Rowing Transfer of one men’s event to one women’s event 0
Sailing Transfer of Mixed Multihull to Mixed Foiling Multihull 0
Shooting Transfer of three men’s events to mixed events 0
Table Tennis Mixed Doubles +1
Triathlon Mixed Team Relay +1
Weightlifting Reduction of one  men’s weight category -1


Back in the Rio 2016 Olympics there were a total of 306 events, now for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics there will be 339.


Safe to say the Olympics are always one of the most exciting athletic events in the world and now they are just adding even more for us to look forward too.

If only we didn’t have to wait three more years to see…

2020 Olympic Plot Twist

By: Courtney Wagner

Photo courtesy of: olympics.nbcsports.com