10 Facts About Football You Might Not Know

10 Facts About Football You Might Not Know

Many Americans know the game of football like the back of their hand. But, here are 10 facts about football that I bet even the most enthused fans don’t know.

  1. In the early days of football, touchdowns were worth less than field goals. Scoring a touchdown was worth 4 points, while kicking a field goal earned 5.
  2. Football existed for nearly 40 years before forward passes were officially allowed.
  3. Paul Hubbard, a deaf quarterback in the 1890s, introduced the huddle for the first time in order to hide his hand signals from the other team.
  4. The longest field goal ever attempted in professional football was 76 yards. It was not successful.
  5. The Super Bowl trophy is worth about $50,000.
  6. The longest stretch without a postseason win in NFL history belongs to the Arizona Cardinals from 1947 to 1998.
  7. President Theodore Roosevelt threatened to ban football until proper safety precautions were taken, as many players were getting injured and even killed during games in the early 20th century.
  8. To hold a season ticket for the Green Bay Packers, you would need to wait about 1,000 years to move up the current waitlist.
  9. Over 200 sets of father-sons and over 300 sets of brothers have become NFL players.
  10. Footballs are actually made from cowhide, not pigskin.




Written by: Cameron Jones

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