Who Is the No. 1 Basketball Player in the Country?

Who Is the No. 1 Basketball Player in the Country?

As we inch closer to the 2021 high school basketball season, the recruiting trail is in full-force. When looking at the top rated recruits in the country according to 247Sports, there are three that you could make an argument for the top player overall.

Is it Sierra Canyon’s Amari Bailey, a combo guard who has shined on the national stage for years, and is currently committed to UCLA?

What about Dereck Lively II, a 7’1 center who is considered as the most dominant post-player in this class?

How about IMG Academy’s Keyonte George, the nation’s top shooting guard who is currently committed to Baylor.

Each of these three make an excellent case for the top rankings, but who would you put as No. 1 overall?

Written by: Matt Melton

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