Top 5 High School Uniforms

We all have our favorite football teams, but have you ever thought about your team’s uniform? From the colors to the logo placement and the design, each team has its own unique style. Some are better than others. While there are some not so easy on the eye, we should celebrate the teams that get it right! There are way too many high schools across the country, so this was a little challenging, but I think I narrowed it down! Here’s a list of my top five high school football team uniforms.



5. At No. 5, I have the North Point Eagles from Waldorf, Maryland. I’m not a huge fan of all-black uniforms, but every now and then teams can pull it off if they add a dash of color. The Eagles did just that by adding the right amount of yellow and red on the sleeves to go with the all-red helmet.

4. For fourth place, I have Long Beach Polytechnic High School from Long Beach, California, mainly because I love their helmet. The color makes you question if it’s rusty gold or perhaps even the lightest color green you can think of.

3. By now you should know that I have a love for bright colors, so for No. 3, I’m going with Jacksonville’s very own Mandarin High School. You notice the Mustangs’ bright orange jerseys anywhere, with the green numbers outlined in white.

2. For No. 2 we have Olathe South High School from Olathe, Kansas. What makes their uniform stand out is the captioned sleeves for flexing purposes. I also can appreciate their glove design.

1. Not only are they consecutive state champs, they’re being rewarded for the best uniform. Coming in at No. 1 are the Bellevue Wolverines from Washington. I love the main color of the uniform – royal blue. The golden claws on the shoulder pads are also eye-catching.


Which team uniforms would make your top 5 list? Who has the worst uniform? Let me know your opinion! Email me at