Tuck Takes Over Generals’ Still Young Program

Another season brings another coaching change for the Generals.

With the hiring of Crosby Tuck, former offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Pea Ridge High School in Arkansas, comes another chance at a cultural reformation, strategic realignment, and ultimately an impact on the win’s column.

“The kids have really bought in to our summer workouts so far,” Tuck said. “We’ve made a lot of improvements the last couple of months, a lot of them in the weight room. Now we’re starting to put in a new offense and new defense.”

A decimated line backing core will be the biggest change between the two seasons. What was the greatest strength of the Generals last year will now be the largest void that needs filling and improvement. Their new strength, however, is the offensive line that can provide offensive versatility.

“There’s a lot of work to do in the passing game,” Tuck said. “They had some success running the ball last year, even though the box was loaded every play. So, I want to maintain the success in the running game, but we’re going to have to develop a legitimate passing game to go along with it.”

At the heart of the cultural reformation is the desire to play and continue playing, a fact that is well understood by Tuck.

“I want these kids to feel like they’ve grown as a person, that they’ve grown spiritually, that their character has grown, and that they are better men from playing football this season,” he said.

In the Game Magazine / South Georgia / August – September 2017

Georgia Christian Generals

Tuck Takes Over Generals’ Still Young Program

Written by Cole Parker

Photos by Lori Alley Photography

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