Seniors, Experience to Push the Trojans Through Tough Schedule

Lee County’s brand new football facility is now filled with over 40 seniors, a fearsome defense, and an experienced offense.

While the dominant defensive interior of the 2016 Trojans is lost, the 2017 rendition of the Trojan defense is deeper and more experienced than ever.

“We lost some high-end guys from last year, but this is the most experienced team we’ve ever had,” Fabrizio said. “We have more seniors in the program than we’ve ever had, and this will be the most seniors we’ve ever had starting and playing.”

This experienced roster is the strongest assurance a coach and fan could hope for against the daunting region 1-AAAAAA.

“The consistency of play [from our opponents] week in and week out is just at an extremely high level,” Fabrizio said. “There’s just no room for drop off in how we prepare and how we play. There’s no time to catch your breath, you’re just right back at it.”

While the defensive secondary, headlined by Otis Reese, will garner most of the attention, to compete in this region, it takes both sides of the ball. The offense returns an impressive eight starters that will seek to improve on its last place ranking in the region of points scored in 2016.

“We know how tough our region is and we know what’s at stake,” Fabrizio said. “We expect to have a good year for our community, our school, our players, our coaches; we’ve got a lot of experience back and a lot of seniors, and they want to go out and have a good year.”

In the Game Magazine / South Georgia / August – September 2017

Lee County Trojans

Seniors, Experience to Push the Trojans Through Tough Schedule

Written by Cole Parker

Photos by Marque Milla Reese

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