Senior’s Decision Day

Senior’s Decision Day

COVID-19 has put a lot of high school seniors in a bind. For some student-athletes, it comes down to playing with their friends in high school one last time or enrolling early to pursue their dreams of playing college football. 

When it comes to being a senior football player, talking about making a decision usually comes down to which college you should attend. Now, it’s about whether you should even play your senior year. 

With many high school sports associations postponing football until the spring, seniors are left in a bind. Typically, higher profile recruits have the opportunity to graduate in December and enroll at their respective universities in the spring, giving them an early chance to learn the playbook, meet their new teammates, and  get an opportunity to compete for a starting job as a freshman. With many high schools pushing their football seasons to the spring, athletes must choose to still attempt to play for their high school teams or forgo their senior seasons and enroll in college early. 

The biggest name to decide to play his senior year of high school was Sam Huard, the five-star quarterback out of Kennedy Catholic. He is just 1,303 yards from breaking the state of Washington’s all-time passing record for a high school career. He made the decision of playing his senior season and choose not to enroll at the University of Washington early. 

Other players, such as five-star defensive end Korey Foreman, have made a different decision. Foreman, out of Centennial High School in California, is widely regarded as one of the top players in the class of 2021, and he made his intentions clear that he plans to enroll in college early no matter what. 

Foreman tweeted: “If they make me choose between my senior season or going to college… please believe I’m headed to my first camp… no questions asked.”

While he remains uncommitted, whoever earns his signature should expect him in the spring. 

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown everybody for a curveball in 2020. High school sports have certainly suffered greatly because of it. There are many more difficult decisions being made around the world today, but this just places one more tough decision on the shoulders of talented 18-year-olds around the country.




Written by: Kyle Grondin