Senior Highlight: Q&A With Darveyi Thomas

Senior Highlight: Q&A With Darveyi Thomas


First Coast High School senior Darveyi Thomas will be attending Edward Waters College in the fall for their football program. Thomas is striving to bring awareness to the historical black college so that the community will be aware of its greatness. Though the school may be small, it is historic to the city of Jacksonville and has given African-American students opportunities in education and athletics. Here’s what he had to say.


Tyrah: How excited are you to play for Edward Waters College?

Darveyi: I am very excited to be playing for Edward Waters College. This gives me an opportunity to stay home and play in front of my family.


T: What made you decide to attend an HBCU?

D: I decided to attend an HBCU because my high school coach has given me a lot of reasons to attend one. I have visited quite a few HBCUs, and they all were great.


T: What do you plan to bring to the field for your freshman year?

D: For my freshman year, I look to just go in and show my coaches that I’m the guy that they can build a team around and show that I can change the culture at EWC.


T:  Who has helped you the most in your football journey?

D: I would say my mom has helped me the most with football just by keeping me focused and always being there cheering me on and keeping me motivated through the years.


T: How do you Live In the Game?

D: I stay motivated in the game watching a lot of football in my spare time and going back to look at all the accomplishments that I have achieved over the years of playing football.


We wish Thomas the best as he continues his athletic career!




Written by: Tyrah Walker