• Which counties and schools does In the Game cover?
    • Click here to see a full list of covered counties, within which we cover schools of all sizes and classifications. Some schools are more easily covered due to notoriety, accessibility, and other media coverage, but we base our coverage on the quality of content, not the size of the school or program.
  • How can I get a player, coach, team, or other story featured with In the Game?
    • We appreciate any and all leads on stories, so to expedite the process, please just click here to submit your nomination! This form is sent straight to our ITG staff for evaluation.
  • How do we select stories to be featured in our magazines and other platforms?
    • All stories are carefully considered by our staff, but nominating a story is not a guarantee that we will run the story. However, interesting, fresh, inspirational, and captivating stories are the lifeblood of our brand, so please continue to submit them. Our large, timeless, and universally interesting articles are selected for the magazines, while timely, new, and fast-paced content is perfect for digital exposure. Our team of experienced journalists and media specialists are empowered to use their discretion in differing between the two or recognizing an overlap.
  • Where can I purchase a magazine?
    • Distribution varies between each coverage area. If the Buy Locally page does not indicate this information, please contact your local Area Director for further information by looking them up on the About Us page.
  • When do the ITG-TV shows air?
    • Check the Video page for detailed information on stations, air times, and other information regarding the TV shows in each area.
  • How can I subscribe to In the Game Magazine?
    • Click here! Your subscription, however, may not include the shipment of the nearest upcoming issue due to the mailing list already being sent off to our distribution partner. Therefore, to avoid this problem, subscribe at least two weeks in advance from the projected magazine release in order to ensure a timely delivery to your indicated address. All editions after that will be delivered as soon as the magazines are printed.
  • How can my business partner with In the Game
    • To start, read through our Media Kit for detailed information on why and how to advertise with ITG. If you have further questions, please contact your Area Director for local businesses, or Mark Dykes for larger, regional accounts.
  • How much does it cost to advertise with In the Game?
    • Please contact one of our Accounts Executives or Area Directors for further information on rates and other details regarding advertising. Our diverse product portfolio allows the flexibility to fit almost every marketing budget and maximize your investment through our extensive marketing services. From consultation to design, we can build the equity of your brand by connecting it with a large, captive audience.
  • How can I become a member of the ITG Team?

Other questions? Contact us!