Packers Seek to Improve Through Another Daunting Schedule

“There isn’t a team in the state of Georgia with a tougher schedule than we do. Nobody.”

Rush Propst, head coach of Colquitt County, knows the challenge that is set before the 2017 Packers, largely because of the similarity to their 2016 schedule.

“Last year was overwhelming because there were so many good teams on our schedule, and this year isn’t much different,” Propst said.

From the first game to the last, Colquitt County is going to be challenged, but their preparation has been focused internally, not externally.

“We are taking it one day at a time,” Propst said. “That is the philosophy that we’ve taken: to win the day, win every day, and if we do that, this is a team that has a chance to do some things.”

With tremendous team speed and athleticism, star power in every unit that takes the field and the knowledge of what it takes to win big games and championships, the Packers are posing for another title run.

“Our expectation level here [at Colquitt County] is high,” Propst said. “That’s the reason we’ve set the record in this state for consecutive semifinals and finals appearances. For us, not to be sitting in the semis or better is a disappointing year. Our goals are like every year: it’s to win a state championship.”

In the Game Magazine / South Georgia / August – September 2017

Colquitt County Packers

Packers Seek to Improve Through Another Daunting Schedule

Written by Cole Parker

Photos by Marque Milla Reese

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