Nassau and Duval Counties Reopen High School Sports Workouts

Nassau and Duval counties are two of the first in Florida to reopen high school workout sessions. The continuation of practice does come with several stipulations, however. Some of those include school staff working with students to all wear masks and for students to all remain 6 feet apart at all times. 

A recent visit to film Sandalwood High School’s (Jacksonville, Florida) football practice showed players following the guidelines during these workouts and all the coaches wearing masks. Of all things said by the coaches, the most common phrase was “Stay six feet apart.”

The players are also being instructed to bring their own water containers, prohibiting water coolers to share, and limiting players from all gathering into one room at the same time.

Baby steps are being taken to reintroduce sports into our lives. As long as restrictions are met during practices, it appears high school football has taken one more step toward making the season happen.




Written by: Cameron Jones