Limitations Become Inspiration

For anyone that has ever been told that they can’t or won’t accomplish something, take this as an opportunity to look to the Northeastern United States for unexpected motivation.

Isaac Lufkin is a 16-year-old student-athlete in Houlton, Maine.  His sport of choice is football, and he competes as a kicker and nose tackle for the Houlton High School Shiretowners.

He puts full effort into every down on the field, determined to be the best player possible.  Like anyone with a love of the game, he has dreams to be an elite competitor on the collegiate and professional stage in the future.

As a member of his freshman football team in 2014 (he attended Classical High School in Providence, Rhode Island), Isaac’s contributions on the gridiron helped lead the team to an undefeated season and a state title.

So what makes his story different than any other?  Nothing, unless you count the fact that Isaac was born with no arms.  He has gotten used to doing everything without the aid of prosthetic limbs.  Doctors have told him that prosthetic limbs are an option, but, ironically, they could be more of a detriment than a benefit.  Adding them could potentially disrupt Isaac’s balance, which, in turn, would affect his kicking.

He sets the football on the tee on his own, and during his freshman season, his team led its division in onside kick recoveries.   Away from the field, he cooks, cleans, and eats without assistance.

Isaac is a big NFL fan, and has set his sights on, one day, being the kicker for his favorite professional team, the Baltimore Ravens.

Every student-athlete has obstacles to overcome in order to achieve success.  Fear, stature, and many other things will present themselves on the road to the top.  But, no matter the obstacle, one thing is for certain.  It takes the heart of a champion to be successful.  And Isaac Lufkin has more than enough heart to chase his dreams.

You can read more about Issac’s story here.

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Limitations Become Inspiration

By James Washington

Photography from Bangor Daily News