Georgia Needs to Play It’s Part by Staying off the Field

Georgia Needs to Play It’s Part by Staying off the Field

It is safe to say since the coronavirus pandemic has come to the United States that Georgia has been one of the hot spots in America. We know how the pandemic has affected the world, putting everyone in masks and shutting down our favorite sports for a period of time. COVID-19 also put one of Georgia’s favorite sports at risk of not being played at all… high school football.

Now we all know that high school football is being played even though some schools started later than others, but the question is: Should high school football teams be playing right now at all?

The NFL just had to reschedule seven games because one team had an outbreak of COVID-19. The NFL season now hangs on by a thread, and if the same thing happened to high school football with more concerned parents and way less money involved, the season could be shut down altogether.

In the end, this all boils down to money. That is clear. Some seniors do need this last opportunity to play in hopes of getting scholarships, which also boils down to money in the end. But for once, people need to put other humans before money and themselves.

Yes, there is so much high school football talent in Georgia with the potential of playing at the next level, and even though most kids are as affected by the coronavirus as other demographics, some kids, teenagers, and younger adults who have been diagnosed with COVID-19 have had some lasting effects even after the virus has left their body. A personal friend of mine has scarring on his lungs from the coronavirus, and he’s 30 years old. There are more stories than just his as well.

The point is even if an athlete gets a scholarship to their dream school but has bad lung scarring, heart issues, or any lasting effect from the virus that prevents them from playing, what’s the point? Whether it’s the athlete, the boosters, the coaches, the program, or whatever party it is, their goal is to make money.

If we keep doing nothing about the virus and just go back to normal because we’re tired of not gathering and not going to sporting events, things could get so bad there won’t be any money to be made. Everyone just needs to really sit down and decide what’s more important to them: football or health.




Written by: Dylan Mathews

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