2023 Georgia High School Football Rankings: Classes 4A-7A

Composite Top-25: Classes 4A, 5A, 6A, 7A

Updated 9/24/2023

While there are tons of upsets occurring each week – and this week was no exception – the top 7 teams in our 2023 Georgia high school football rankings for Classes 4A-7A remain firmly in place. Top-ranked Buford remains in the top spot after a decisive win over Marietta, and No. 2 Colquitt County held off Cedar Grove after climbing out to a huge lead early. Mill Creek and Houston County won their games, but the 8th- through 11th-ranked teams, Langston Hughes, Parkview, Milton and Ware County, all lost, and Valdosta suffered an upset loss at McEachern in our Game of the Week. All other teams either won or were on a bye week. Ware County and Valdosta drop out of the rankings.

  1. Buford (7A) E
  2. Colquitt County (7A) E
  3. Benedictine (4A E
  4. Mill Creek (7A) E
  5. Walton (7A) E
  6. Gainesville (6A) E
  7. Houston County (6A) E
  8. Carrollton (7A) +4
  9. Douglas County (6A) +9
  10. Parkview (7A) -1
  11. Langston Hughes (6A) -3
  12. Perry (4A) +2
  13. Lee County (6A) E
  14. Westlake (7A) +2
  15. Rome (6A) +2
  16. Milton (7A) -6
  17. North Cobb (7A) +8
  18. Roswell (6A) +3
  19. Thomas County Central (6A) E
  20. Central (Carroll) (5A) E
  21. Marist (6A) +1
  22. Burke County ( 4A) +1
  23. Wayne County (4A) +1
  24. Grayson (7A) NR
  25. Jefferson (5A) NR

Updated 9/17/2023

At the halfway point of the 2023 Georgia high school football season, there’s some movement in the rankings for Classes 4A-7A, but not at the top, where Buford remains. Here’s the updated composite Top-25 for the GHSA’s highest classifications.

  1. Buford (7A) E
  2. Colquitt (7A) E
  3. Benedictine (4A E
  4. Mill Creek (7A) E
  5. Walton (7A) E
  6. Gainesville (6A) E
  7. Houston County (6A) E
  8. Langston Hughes (6A) E
  9. Parkview (7A) E
  10. Milton (7A) +1
  11. Ware County (5A) +1
  12. Carrollton (6A) +1
  13. Lee County (6A) +1
  14. Perry (4A) +1
  15. Valdosta (7A) +1
  16. Westlake (7A) -6
  17. Rome (6A) E
  18. Douglas County (6A) E
  19. Thomas County Central E
  20. Central (Carrollton) (5A) E
  21. Roswell (6A) E
  22. Marist (6A) +1
  23. Burke County (4A) +1
  24. Wayne County (4A) +1
  25. North Cobb (7A) NR

Updated 9/11/2023

Welcome to Week 4 of the Georgia high school football season. With it comes the updated ITG Next Georgia Top-25 composite rankings of teams in Classes 4A-7A. In this week’s Top-25, it’s mostly about what teams didn’t do to help their cause, with two schools in particular, Creekside and Warner Robins, tumbling out of the rankings with lopsided losses in their most recent games. Valdosta is this week’s big winner, leaping from unranked to a No. 16 position by virtue of its impressive 45-12 win over the Demons of Warner Robins on Friday night.

Colquitt County flexed its muscle, defeating Lee County in a hotly contested matchup of two of the state’s top programs in Classes 7A and 6A, respectively. Milton jumps four spots with a very impressive win over Roswell at the Hornets’ home field. Benedictine leaps into the No. 3 spot after defeating Ware County by a touchdown, and Buford remains our top team.

  1. Buford (7A) E
  2. Colquitt (7A) E
  3. Benedictine (4A) +1
  4. Mill Creek (7A) +1
  5. Walton (7A) +1
  6. Gainesville (6A) +1
  7. Houston County (6A) +2
  8. Langston Hughes (6A) -5
  9. Parkview (7A) +1
  10. Westlake (7A) +1
  11. Milton (7A) +4
  12. Ware County (5A) -4
  13. Carrollton (6A) -1
  14. Lee County (6A) -1
  15. Perry (4A) +3
  16. Valdosta (7A) NR
  17. Rome (6A) +3
  18. Douglas County (6A) +1
  19. Thomas County Central (6A) +2
  20. Central (Carrollton) (5A) +4
  21. Roswell (6A) -5
  22. Northside Warner Robins (6A) E
  23. Marist (6A) NR
  24. Burke County (4A) +1
  25. Wayne County (4A) -2

Updated 9/3/2023

It’s Week 3 of the 2023 Georgia high school football season, and with it comes our latest Top-25 rankings of teams in Classes 4A through 7A. Buford remains the top team after improving to 3-0 on the season with a 45-28 defeat of North Cobb last Friday. In fact, all of the top 10 schools from last week remain in place, but several more teams looking up at them are making a pretty solid argument for a spot in that group.

Among them are Westlake, which came away with an exciting back-and-forth win over Class 3A’s top-ranked Cedar Grove; and Warner Robins, which battled Northside Warner Robins in front of a packed house at McConnell Talbert Stadium last Friday night. ITG Next was at that game and came away with some great game highlights, as well as behind-the-scenes looks at both teams and coaches. Be sure to check out those sights and sounds from the game at ITG Next Georgia.

Other impressive performances from Perry and Thomas County Central show that they belong, and defending state champion Langston Hughes shows no sign of slowing down. Tell us what you think.

  1. Buford (7A) E
  2. Colquitt County (7A) E
  3. Langston Hughes (6A) E
  4. Benedictine (4A) E
  5. Mill Creek (7A) E
  6. Walton (7A) E
  7. Gainesville (6A) E
  8. Ware County (5A) E
  9. Houston County (6A) E
  10. Parkview (7A) E
  11. Westlake (7A) +4
  12. Carrollton (7A) -1
  13. Lee County (6A) -1
  14. Creekside (5A) -1
  15. Milton (7A) -1
  16. Roswell (6A) E
  17. Warner Robins (5A) +1
  18. Perry (4A) +1
  19. Douglas County (6A) NR
  20. Rome (6A) -3
  21. Thomas County Central (6A) E
  22. Northside (Warner Robins) (6A) -2
  23. Wayne County (4A) E
  24. Central (Carrollton) (5A) +1
  25. Burke County (4A) -1

Updated 8/26/2203

We are two games into the 2023 Georgia high school football season (already?), and unlike some of the teams in our Classes 1A-3A rankings, the bigger schools followed the script, for the most part, and came out with a “W.” Buford remains our top team in Classes 4A-7A after surviving a scare from Mallard Creek, SC.

Other victorious Top-10 teams included Colquitt County, Benedictine, Mill Creek, and Ware County. But considering Langston Hughes’ come-from-behind win over Carrollton in Week 1, followed by a 40-9 victory over McEachern after trailing 9-0 in the ITG Next Game of the Week last Friday, the Panthers have been rewarded with a No. 3 ranking. I think they deserve it. We also welcome a handful of new schools to the Top-25 after a solid start to their seasons.

  1. Buford (7A) E
  2. Colquitt County (7A) +1
  3. Langston Hughes (6A) +3
  4. Benedictine (4A) -2
  5. Mill Creek (7A) -1
  6. Walton (7A) +10
  7. Gainesville (6A)+1
  8. Ware County (5A) -3
  9. Houston County (6A) E
  10. Parkview (7A) +1
  11. Carrollton (6A) -1
  12. Lee County (6A) +2
  13. Creekside (5A) -1
  14. Milton (7A) -7
  15. Westlake (7A) +2
  16. Roswell (6A) +4
  17. Rome (5A) +2
  18. Warner Robins (5A) E
  19. Perry (4A) -4
  20. Northside (Warner Robins) (6A) +2
  21. Thomas County Central (6A) +2
  22. Coffee (5A) NR
  23. Wayne County (4A) NR
  24. Burke County (4A) NR
  25. Central (Carrollton) (5A) NR

Updated 8/20/2023

The 2023 season has arrived, and with it returns our Georgia high school football Top-25 rankings. Each week, we will rank the teams we think are the best in Classes 4A-7A.

In our first Top-25 ranking of the 2023 Georgia high school football season, we like Buford as the best team in the state. It’s hard to argue the point, as the Bryant Appling-coached Wolves possess what is likely Georgia’s best collection of talent, from the top of their roster to the bottom. It’s tough to find an area of weakness, and the addition of five-star transfer quarterback Dylan Raiola makes Buford that much better.

While our ranking is a composite of the state’s four highest classifications, Class 7A teams represent half of the top 10 teams.

Whether you agree or disagree with our rankings, please give us your thoughts – we want to hear from you. And remember, there are some very good teams not ranked here. We get it. But it’s a long season. So here it is, our first Top-25 Georgia high school football ranking following the opening week of the 2023 season.

  1. Buford (7A)
  2. Benedictine (4A)
  3. Colquitt County (7A)
  4. Mill Creek (7A)
  5. Ware County (5A)
  6. Langston Hughes (6A)
  7. Milton (7A)
  8. Gainesville (6A)
  9. Houston County (6A)
  10. Carrollton (7A)
  11. Parkview (7A)
  12. Creekside (5A)
  13. Woodward Academy (6A)
  14. Lee County (6A)
  15. Perry (4A)
  16. Walton (7A)
  17. Westlake (7A)
  18. Warner Robins (5A)
  19. Rome (6A)
  20. Roswell ( 6A)
  21. North Oconee (4A)
  22. Northside (Warner Robins) (6A)
  23. Thomas County Central (6A)
  24. Bainbridge (4A)
  25. Marist (4A)
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