Alabama High School Baseball Rankings: Top 25

Alabama High School Baseball Rankings: 7A-4A

Updated 5/9/22

  1. Hartselle 6A – Up 2
  2. Central-Phenix City 7A – Up 3
  3. Auburn 7A – Down 2
  4. Hewitt-Trussville 7A – Down 2
  5. Mobile Christian 4A – Up 5
  6. Holtville 5A – Up 8
  7. Gordo 4A – Up 18
  8. Headland 5A – New
  9. Vestavia Hills 7A – New
  10. Hoover 7A – Down 4
  11. Hamilton 4A – New
  12. Russellville 5A – New
  13. Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa 6A – New
  14. Oneonta 4A – Down 6
  15. Prattville 7A – Down 6
  16. Hazel Green 6A – New
  17. Madison Academy 5A – New
  18. Shelby County 5A – Down 1
  19. Etowah 4A – New
  20. Pelham 6A – New
  21. Saraland 6A – Down 17
  22. Tuscaloosa County 7A – Down 15
  23. Hueytown 6A – Down 2
  24. Buckhorn 6A – Down 1
  25. Oxford 6A – Down 13

With the Alabama High School Baseball state semifinal round set to take place later this week, four teams enter the week squarely in the conversation for No. 1 overall.

Class 6A’s Hartselle takes over the top ranking in this week’s update, while Central-Phenix City, Auburn and Hewitt-Trussville are not far behind, and the Red Devils and Tigers play each other this week in one of the state’s most compelling semifinal matchups. A number of new teams enter the Top 25 this week, as there are only four teams left playing in each classification, with Class 5A’s Headland leading that group as the highest ranked.


Alabama High School Baseball Rankings: 1A-3A

Updated 4/25/22

  1. Piedmont 3A – Up 1

2. Glenwood 3A-Private – Up 4

3. Pike Liberal Arts 3A-Private – Down 2

4. T.R. Miller 3A

5. Bayshore Christian 1A

6. Phil Campbell 3A – Down 3

7. Trinity Presbyterian 3A

8. Macon-East 2A-Private

9. Opp 3A

10. Long 2A

11. Lindsay Lane Christian 1A

12. Lauderdale County 3A

13. Bessemer Academy 3A-Private – Up 2

14. Houston Academy 3A – Up 2

15. Vincent 2A – Up 3

16. Bayside Academy 3A – Down 3

17. Appalachian 1A – Up 3

18. Ider 2A – Down 1

19. Mars Hill Bible 2A – Up 4

20. Plainview 3A – New

21. Hackleburg 1A – New

22. Morgan Academy 3A-Private – Down 1

23. Patrician 2A-Private – New

24. Ranburne 2A – New

25. Decatur Heritage 2A

With the 2022 Alabama high school baseball playoffs having officially begun, here is the latest update for our 3A-1A Top 25 rankings.

Continuing what has been an impressive season, Class 3A’s Piedmont takes over the top spot this week, with previous No. 1 Pike Liberal Arts falling to No. 3. AISA 3A’s Glenwood takes a notable rise up to No. 2 this week, with the Gators and Patriots having split the head-to-head this season at a game apiece.

Four new teams also entered the Top 25 this week; that group is headlined by 3A’s Plainview at No. 20 overall.


Alabama High School Baseball Rankings: 4A-7A

Update 4/11/22

  1. Auburn 7A
  2. Hewitt-Trussville 7A – Up 1
  3. Hartselle 6A – Up 1
  4. Saraland 6A – Up 9
  5. Central-Phenix City 7A – Down 3
  6. Hoover 7A – Down 1
  7. Tuscaloosa County 7A – Up 1
  8. Oneonta 4A – Down 2
  9. Prattville 7A – New
  10. Mobile Christian 4A – Down 3
  11. Gulf Shores 6A – Up 9
  12. Oxford 6A – Up 2
  13. Wetumpka 6A – Up 12
  14. Holtville 5A – Up 9
  15. Gardendale 6A – New
  16. Smiths Station 7A – Down 7
  17. Shelby County 5A – New
  18. Bob Jones 7A – New
  19. Northridge 6A – Down 9
  20. Spain Park 7A – Down 8
  21. Hueytown 6A – Down 10
  22. Spanish Fort 6A – New
  23. Buckhorn 6A – Down 5
  24. Opelika 6A – New
  25. Gordo 4A – New

As we approach the 2022 Alabama high school baseball playoffs, the 7A-4A Top 25 receives an update full of movement from top to bottom, with every team changing at least one spot aside from No. 1 Auburn.

The Tigers continue to hold a slim lead over 7A’s Hewitt-Trussville for the top spot, while teams such as Saraland, Gulf Shores, and Wetumpka all saw notable rises into the Top 15. As for the multiple teams that entered the rankings this week, Class 7A’s Prattville sees the most notable ranking of the seven, with the Lions sitting at No. 9.


Alabama High School Baseball Rankings: 1A-3A

Updated 3/6/22

The 2022 Alabama High School Baseball season is now officially in full swing with our 3A-1A Top 25 rankings receiving the first update of the year.

AISA 3A’s Pike Liberal Arts claims the new No. 1 overall rankings after an impressive start to the 2022 season, while previously top ranked Phil Campbell does not fall very far. Teams such as Trinity Presbyterian, Macon-East, and Glenwood all saw notable rises this week, while three teams also entered the top 25 after strong starts, a group featuring 1A’s Lindsay Lane Christian at No. 23, as well as 2A’s Lexington and 3A’s Houston Academy.


Alabama High School Baseball Rankings: 4A-7A

Updated 2/27/22

Despite the 2022 Alabama High School Baseball season only beginning, there have been a notable number of games played. With this, our 7A-4A Top 25 rankings receive their first update of the season.

Despite no new teams entering the rankings this week, there are a few notable teams such as Mortimer Jordan and Vestavia Hills currently sitting just outside the top 25, as well as a few others. Teams such as Northridge and Oneonta took noticeable jumps this week after strong starts to the season, while teams such as Pike Road, Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa, Dothan, and Faith Academy all saw small drops. 


Preseason Alabama High School Baseball Rankings: 1A-3A

As we approach the first pitch of the 2022 Alabama High School Baseball season, here are our preseason Top 25 rankings for Classes 3A-1A.

Defending Class 3A state champion Phil Campbell enters the year at the top spot, while defending AISA 3A state champion Pike Liberal Arts is not far behind at No. 2. In addition to those two, three other defending state champions also entered the season ranked in the top 15 overall with Westbrook Christian at No. 3, Bayshore Christian at No. 9, and Autauga at No. 14. 

Will these rankings look similar to this or different two weeks from now?


Preseason Alabama High School Baseball Rankings: 4A-7A

Alabama High School Baseball

With the 2022 Alabama High School Baseball season set to begin in the coming weeks, here are our Preseason Top 25 rankings for Classes 7A-4A.

Defending 7A state champion Auburn holds the top spot entering the 2022 season, but defending Class 6A champion Faith Academy is not too far behind the Tigers at No. 2. In addition to those two, defending Class 4A state champion Mobile Christian begins the season sitting just outside the Top 5 at No. 6, while defending Class 5A champion Russellville begins the year at No. 10. Notable runner-up’s from last season such as Hoover and Hartselle also begin the year within the Top 10, while Pike Road and Oneonta are also ranked. 


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