The Mission (Why We Exist)

Inspiring your inner athlete toward the passionate pursuit of excellence, on and off the field.

 The Vision (Where We Are Going)

Total immersion into the life of athletes and athletics as we positively influence mentalities through our compelling content and competitive culture.

The Model (How We Get There)

We strive to showcase active, inspired lifestyles and a champion’s mentality as we awaken the former, current, and future athlete in every person.

Our diverse and ever-evolving mediums are simply means of communicating the message of what it means to be In the Game. Through each of our products, platforms, and projects, we seek to generate dialogue surrounding stories that transcend the bounds of any particular sport, region, or demographic.

In short, we aspire to inspire and provide mental energy to the everyday athlete.

From traditional print mediums to evolving digital media consumption channels, we seek to advocate the efforts of players, coaches, teams, fans, and community influencers at all levels. With that said, our history is backed by the firm foundation of high school athletics. We specialize in providing extensive coverage and recognition for local individuals and programs that are fueled by supportive communities that recognize the value of sports tradition. These unique, local environments that foster the support, development, and success of student-athletes are the bedrock of athletic and academic development.

All of this is achieved through our competitive internal culture. Much like a team facing off against fierce opposition, we as a staff push each other to maximally achieve as individuals toward the betterment of the team. Professional and personal development, side by side, all empowered by the common drives of athletes everywhere.

The product of that culture is an implementation of the mission and vision that champions reliability, quality, and involved excellence. We seek to positively inform and impact individuals and communities by providing platforms for open, positive dialogue regarding athletics and self-improvement.

The Values (What Does it Mean to be In the Game?)

Being an athlete isn’t an external activity; it’s an internal identity.

But what does it mean for someone to be In the Game?

To answer your question with questions: Do you remember? Can you still feel it? The lights, the roar of the crowd, the rush, the pressure, the competition, the final push, the overwhelming feeling of victory, the weight of moment totally consuming you; you want to hold it, experience it forever.

That focus, that adrenaline-fueled intensity towards performing and achieving at your maximum potential, not only for yourself, but for those that surround you; that’s living In the Game.

But that exhilaration isn’t isolated to only the few hours of actual game time, nor is it only for current players; it’s all the time for all people.

From the elementary school kid with a dream to the CEO that is living it, being In the Game is living in those moments of solidary conviction that you have believed, fought, and achieved, You are being who you were meant to be.

In the locker room, in the classroom, in the workplace, in the home, and in the community; always engaged, always improving, always In the Game. Maximizing character, maximizing performance, maximizing potential; it’s living In the Game.

But how does a company operate In the Game? As a company of athletes for athletes, the ideals are shared.

– Hard work: We vigorously pursue our goals as a company and as individuals, understanding that without an insatiable drive for success, we will not live up to our self-imposed standards.

– Commitment: With over 10 years of existence to prove it, ITG understands the importance of loyalty and dependability to the communities that we serve in terms of quality, positivity, and diversity.

– Perseverance: The clear and consistent demand for our coverage makes our efforts and sacrifices both fruitful and fulfilling, regardless of the difficulties that we face as a company.

– Teamwork: Partnering with local teams, businesses, and community influencers is at the core of our business model, and we do our absolute best to nurture these relationships for the benefit of the student-athletes.

– Discipline: Operational efficiency, integrity, and reliability are foundational principles upon which we have built this company, ensuring that we deliver not only our material products, but the feeling of being valued to our customers and corporate partners.

– Passion: Uninspired or indifferent effort isn’t conducive to the culture of excellence we have built; we enthusiastically and purposefully approach opportunities and challenges alike.

– Family: At the very root of sports is family; whether your actual family or the family of brothers and sisters forged on the field of play, this bond is one we recognize, admire, and aspire to embody this character and camaraderie in how we deal with our affiliates.

The Story (How We Got Here)

Born and raised in Sylvester, Georgia, entrepreneur Mark Dykes experienced South Georgia’s prevalent passion toward high school sports early and often. After years of struggling to find the time to fully enjoy that sports tradition while pursuing careers in other fields, he eventually decided to take the leap of faith in trying to connect with the culture by launching In the Game High School Sports Magazine in 2007.

In that leap, he found firm footing thanks to the key relationships he created, the clear viability of a market starving for the enhanced coverage, and the consistent quality and positivity of the products.

Since then, the company has continually matured and grown in its size and scope. However, an evolution became necessary as the world changed alongside the company. The name In the Game High School Sports Magazine became increasingly unrepresentative of who the company was and what it offered to the local communities it engaged.

True to our revamped name, In the Game Sports Network, we are a network of sports media and influence. Our flagship products, print magazine publications, are complimented by our constantly updating website, weekly newsletter, seasoned TV show productions, social media engagement, frequent events, and branded materials, all of which are still, to this day, geared towards these original ideals of quality, involved, and inspirational content.

New name, same game. The means may be different, but the message is the same.