2022 Alabama High School Football Rankings: Classes 1A-3A

Alabama High School Top 25: Classes 1A, 2A, 3A

Week 8 – Updated 10/2/22

If there’s one word to describe our 2022 Alabama high school football Top 25 rankings for Classes 1A-3A last week, it’s chaos. How chaotic? The bottom half of the rankings saw change throughout, with four teams entering the Top 25, headlined by 3A’s Sylvania at No. 21. AISA 2A’s Patrician comes in right behind at No. 22, and Lexington and Millry are ranked 24th and 25th, respectively. Other notable moves up the rankings come from Lee-Scott and Linden, who both recorded wins over ranked teams.

  1. Mars Hill Bible (3A) E
  2. Fyffe (2A) E
  3. Gordo (3A) E
  4. Piedmont (3A) E
  5. Highland Home (2A) E
  6. St. James (3A) E
  7. Winfield (3A) E
  8. Elba (1A) E
  9. Brantley (1A) E
  10. Leroy (1A) E
  11. Thomasville (3A) + 1
  12. Madison Academy (3A) +1
  13. Ariton (2A) +1
  14. Dadeville (3A) +1
  15. Lee-Scott (AISA 3A) +3
  16. Spring Garden (1A) +4
  17. Trinity Presbyterian (3A) +6
  18. Linden (1A) +6
  19. Aliceville (2A) +6
  20. Sweet Water (1A) -9
  21. Sylvania (3A) NR
  22. Patrician (AISA 2A) NR
  23. Saks (3A) -4
  24. Lexington (2A) NR
  25. Millry (1A) NR

Week 7 – Updated 9/25/22

The Week 7 update of our 2022 Alabama high school football Top 25 rankings for Classes 1A-3A brings a notable amount of change, with various teams moving up or down, plus two new teams moving into the Top 25. The latter are Linden and Aliceville, which enter the rankings at numbers 24 and 25, respectively. Both teams are having strong seasons up to this point: The Patriots enter the week with a 5-0 record in Class 1A, while Aliceville holds a 5-1 record in Class 2A and boasts an offense that is averaging 44.3 ppg.

  1. Mars Hill Bible (3A) E
  2. Fyffe (2A) +1
  3. Gordo (3A) +1
  4. Piedmont (3A) -2
  5. Highland Home (2A) +1
  6. St. James (3A) -1
  7. Winfield (3A) E
  8. Elba (1A) E
  9. Brantley (1A) E
  10. Leroy (1A) +3
  11. Sweet Water (1A) +1
  12. Thomasville (3A) -1
  13. Madison Academy (3A) +1
  14. Ariton (2A) +1
  15. Dadeville (3A) +1
  16. Cleveland (2A) -6
  17. Autauga (AISA 3A) E
  18. Lee-Scott (AISA 3A) +2
  19. Saks (3A) +2
  20. Spring Garden (1A) +3
  21. Isabella (2A) +3
  22. Mobile Christian (3A) -3
  23. Trinity Presbyterian (3A) +2
  24. Linden (1A) NR
  25. Aliceville (2A) NR


Week 6 – Updated 9/18/22

Our Alabama high school football 2022 Top 25 rankings for Classes 1A-3A see a considerable amount of movement compared to a week ago. Entering Week 6, 10 teams in the top half of the rankings move up a spot after previously 4th-ranked Autauga was upset last Friday night. Another AISA 3A team, Lee-Scott, made the largest move in the wake of a big win over rival Glenwood. Trinity Presbyterian, coming off a 38-7 win over Sylacauga, is the lone team to enter the Top 25 in this week’s update.

  1. Mars Hill Bible (3A) E
  2. Piedmont (3A) E
  3. Fyffe (2A) E
  4. Gordo (3A) +1
  5. St. James (3A) +1
  6. Highland Home (2A) +1
  7. Winfield (3A) +1
  8. Elba (1A) +1
  9. Brantley (1A) +1
  10. Cleveland (2A) +1
  11. Thomasville (3A) +1
  12. Sweet Water (1A) +1
  13. Leroy (1A) +1
  14. Madison Academy (3A) +2
  15. Ariton (2A) +2
  16. Dadeville (3A) +2
  17. Autauga (AISA 3A) -13
  18. Comer (2A) +1
  19. Mobile Christian (3A) +1
  20. Lee-Scott (AISA 3A) +4
  21. Saks (3A) E
  22. Lanett (2A) -7
  23. Spring Garden (1A) E
  24. Isabella (2A) +1
  25. Trinity Presbyterian (3A) NR

Week 5 – Updated 9/11/22

Our Alabama high school football Class 1A-3A rankings sees the most movement of the season this week, as only eight teams remain in the same spot compared to their previous ranking a week ago. Elba was undoubtedly the biggest takeaway of the week – the Tigers rose 14 spots to No. 9 after their 42-35 win over Brantley, which dropped five spots as a result. Clarke County, Saks, and Lanett also saw notable drops following losses in Week 4.

  1. Mars Hill Bible (3A) E
  2. Piedmont (3A) E
  3. Fyffe (2A) E
  4. Autauga (AISA 3A) E
  5. Gordo (3A) +1
  6. St. James (3A) +1
  7. Highland Home (2A) -1
  8. Winfield (3A) +1
  9. Elba (1A) +14
  10. Brantley (1A) -5
  11. Cleveland (2A) E
  12. Thomasville (3A) +1
  13. Sweet Water (1A) +1
  14. Leroy (1A) +1
  15. Lanett (2A) -3
  16. Madison Academy (3A) E
  17. Ariton (2A) +1
  18. Dadeville (3A) +1
  19. Comer (2A) +1
  20. Mobile Christian (3A) +1
  21. Saks (3A) -4
  22. Clarke County (2A) -12
  23. Spring Garden (1A) -1
  24. Lee-Scott (AISA 3A) E
  25. Isabella (2A) E

Week 4 – Updated 9/4/22

While there wasn’t much movement among the top half of our 2022 Alabama high school football Classes 1A-3A Top 25 rankings, the opposite can be said for the bottom half. Those teams each saw a small rise due to Spring Garden taking a notable drop, while one new team entered the rankings at No. 25, Class 1A’s Elba. The Tigers, who are off to a 3-0 start, will face No. 5 Brantley this Friday night in the Week 4 headline matchup in Class 1A.

  1. Mars Hill Bible (3A) E
  2. Piedmont (3A) E
  3. Fyffe (2A) E
  4. Autauga (AISA 3A) E
  5. Brantley (1A) E
  6. Gordo (3A) E
  7. St. James (3A) E
  8. Highland Home (2A) +1
  9. Winfield (3A) -1
  10. Clarke County (2A) E
  11. Cleveland (2A) E
  12. Lanett (2A) E
  13. Thomasville (3A) E
  14. Sweet Water (1A) E
  15. Leroy (1A) E
  16. Madison Academy (3A) E
  17. Saks (3A) -1
  18. Ariton (2A) +2
  19. Dadeville (3A) +2
  20. Comer (2A) +2
  21. Mobile Christian (3A) +2
  22. Spring Garden (1A) -5
  23. Lee-Scott (AISA 3A) +1
  24. Isabella (2A) +1
  25. Elba (1A) NR

Week 3 – Updated 8/28/22

After a notable amount of movement a week ago, our 2022 Alabama high school football Class 1A-3A Rankings see even more movement this week as teams change throughout the Top 25. Class 3A’s Mars Hill Bible holds the No. 1 spot entering the week, while three teams – Brantley, Winfield, and Highland Home – each see significant rises into the Top 10 due to wins over the weekend. Multiple teams, including Sweet Water and Madison Academy, saw notable drops in this week’s update, while three teams entered the Top 25: Thomasville, Leroy, and Isabella.

    1. Mars Hill Bible (3A) +1
    2. Piedmont (3A) -1
    3. Fyffe (2A) +1
    4. Autauga (AISA 3A) +1
    5. Brantley (1A) +7
    6. Gordo (3A) -3
    7. St. James (3A) -1
    8. Winfield (3A) -9
    9. Highland Home (2A) +9
    10. Clarke County (2A) -3
    11. Cleveland (2A) +2
    12. Lanett (2A) -2
    13. Thomasville (3A) NR
    14. Sweet Water (1A) -8
    15. Leroy (1A) NR
    16. Madison Academy (3A) -7
    17. Spring Garden (1A) +2
    18. Saks (3A) -7
    19. Escambia (AISA 2A) -3
    20. Ariton (2A) E
    21. Dadeville (3A) E
    22. Comer (2A) E
    23. Mobile Christian (3A) -9
    24. Lee-Scott (AISA 3A) E
    25. Isabella (2A) NR

Week 2 – Updated 8/21/22

As the remainder of Alabama high school football teams get set to begin their 2022 seasons later this week, our Classes 1A-3A Top 25 Rankings receives its first update of the fall. A few teams saw rises within the Top 10 this week, in part due to Pike Liberal Arts and Madison Academy falling. Other notable takeaways include five teams entering the Top 25, headlined by 3A’s Mobile Christian, which enters the rankings at No. 14. Dadeville, Aliceville, Lee-Scott, and Trinity Presbyterian also are newcomers.

  1. Piedmont (3A) E
  2. Mars Hill Bible (3A) E
  3. Gordo (3A) E
  4. Fyffe (2A) +1
  5. Autauga (AISA 3A) +2
  6. Sweet Water (1A) +2
  7. Clarke County (2A) +2
  8. St. James (3A) +3
  9. Madison Academy (3A) -5
  10. Lanett (2A) +2
  11. Saks (3A) +2
  12. Brantley (1A) +2
  13. Cleveland (2A) -3
  14. Mobile Christian (3A) NR
  15. Pike Liberal Arts (2A) -9
  16. Escambia (AISA 2A) -1
  17. Winfield (3A) E
  18. Highland Home (2A) E
  19. Spring Garden (1A) E
  20. Ariton (2A) +1
  21. Dadeville (3A) NR
  22. Comer (2A) -6
  23. Aliceville (2A) NR
  24. Lee-Scott (AISA 3A) NR
  25. Trinity Presbyterian (3A) NR


Preseason Rankings

Our weekly ranking for Alabama Classes 3A-1A will combine teams from the AHSAA and AISA this season. Here is our 2022 Alabama high school football preseason Top 25 ranking from those groups.

1 – Piedmont (3A)

The Bulldogs top the 2022 preseason Top 25 rankings for Alabama Classes 3A-1A after winning the 3A state title a year ago. Piedmont returns one of the top quarterbacks of any team in Classes 3A-1A in Jack Hayes, as well as some key names on defense, such as Brody Epps and Chance Murphy.

2 – Mars Hill Bible (3A)

The Panthers made the jump from 2A to 3A after a season in which they fell in the state semifinals. Mars Hill Bible returns multiple key names from last season, most notably Koby Keenum and Damian Thompson.

3 – Gordo (3A)

Gordo moves from 4A to 3A following a 2021 campaign in which they fell to eventual state runner-up Oneonta in the second round. The Green Wave are tasked with replacing one of the state’s top quarterbacks, Tanner Bailey, but should still be one of the top teams in 3A and a likely fixture in the 2022 Top 25 rankings for Alabama Classes 3A-1A.

4 – Madison Academy (3A)

Madison Academy moved down to 3A during the offseason after reaching the 4A state semifinals in 2021. The Mustangs return some key contributors, including Mario Brewer and Daylen Johnson, and could be among the top teams in Class 3A.

5 – Fyffe (2A)

Fyffe returns to Class 2A from 3A this season; the former is the classification in which the Red Devils won four state titles from 2014-19. The Red Devils reached the 3A quarterfinal round a year ago and should be a major player in 2A this season.

6 – Pike Liberal Arts (2A)

The Patriots make the jump to the AHSAA in 2022 after winning the AISA 3A state title a year ago, but they will be ineligible for playoff competition this season. Pike Liberal Arts will, however, play an exciting schedule that includes four trips out of state.

7 – Autauga (AISA 3A)

Autauga went undefeated a year ago to claim the AISA 2A state title, then made the jump to AISA Class 3A for this season. The Generals will enter year one under new head coach Trey Dunbar with a roster headlined by one of the state’s top tight ends, Josh Palmer.

8 – Sweet Water (1A)

Sweet Water was dominant a year ago in Class 1A, going undefeated (15-0) to claim the state title in what was one of the best seasons in program history. The Bulldogs open the 2022 season in the upper echelon of our Top 25 Alabama 3A-1A rankings, and should again contend for a state title.

9 – Clarke County (2A)

The Bulldogs captured the Class 2A state title a year ago with a thrilling 49-41 win over Cleveland. They enter the 2022 season among the preseason favorites in 2A. A talented team is headlined by the QB/RB duo of Pace Young and Andre Ezell.

10 – Cleveland (2A)

Cleveland reached the 2A state title game a year ago, falling to No. 9 Clarke County. The Panthers should again be a player in Class 2A this season, returning key names such as running back Tyler Smith.

11 – St. James (3A)

12 – Lanett (2A)

13 – Saks (3A)

14 – Brantley (1A)

15 – Escambia (AISA 2A)

The second tier of the 2022 preseason Alabama high school rankings 1A-3A for Classes 3A-1A is led by St. James, which reclassified from 4A in the offseason and enters the 2022 campaign with a roster headlined by the QB/RB pairing of KJ Jackson and Cosner Harrison. They’re one of the top offensive duos in 3A. Saks and Brantley both reached state semifinals a year ago, while Escambia was the 2021 AISA 2A runner-up.

16 – Comer (2A)

17 – Winfield (3A)

18 – Highland Home (2A)

19 – Spring Garden (1A)

20 – Wadley (1A)

Wadley concluded the 2021 season as the runner-up in Class 1A, while Spring Garden could be a big player in 1A after moving down from 2A. Highland Home returns one of the state’s top defensive linemen, Keldric Faulk, while Comer’s 2022 roster will be headlined by running back Kamore Harris.

21 – Ariton (2A)

22 – Opp (3A)

23 – Pickens County (1A)

24 – Glenwood (AISA 3A)

25 – Chambers (AISA 2A)

Among the final five of our Alabama preseason high school rankings for 1A-3A, both Glenwood and Chambers are coming off AISA state semifinal appearances a year ago, with the Gators returning a key name at quarterback in Dallas Crow. Class 2A’s Ariton also returns a key name on offense, running back Jordan Smith.

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