ITG Next Ambassador Program

ITG Next  is a positive, inspirational brand that focuses on inspiring excellence in inner passion. ITG Next, formerly called In The Game, started in 2007  in South Georgia and expanded to Northeast Florida in 2014.  As a multimedia company, we promote ITG Next through our magazines, website, newsletters, social media, and events.

During the 2017-18 school year, ITG Next launched its inaugural ITG Next Ambassador Program. We’re looking to expand the program.

Ideal candidates will be rising high school sophomores, juniors, or seniors who have a strong social media presence and exhibit academic excellence, outstanding character, and a strong commitment to their schools and communities.
As role models, ambassadors are encouraged to inspire their peers to explore and create new initiatives within their high schools and communities by being a part of ITG Next mission:

“Inspiring your inner athlete toward the passionate pursuit of excellence, on and off the field.”

Ambassadors will interact with each other by participating in monthly meetings where they will represent their schools among fellow high school ambassadors. In these meetings, they will be given the opportunity to contribute to the vision of ITG Next and to play an important role in social media and digital content creation. They will also represent the ITG Next brand within their respective campuses and communities.

Each Ambassador Will:

  • Meet with and learn from our ITG Next staff regarding brand development, marketing, multimedia production, and business operations.
  • Develop intangible skills such as leadership, teamwork, and creative problem solving.
  • Be the face of the ITG Next brand for their respective schools.
  • Have direct input on our high school specific events.
  • Be published in the magazine on the ambassador page.
  • Receive complimentary ITG Next apparel.
  • Directly contribute to each digital media platform.

Ambassador Duties Will Consist of:

  • Attendance to monthly meetings with ITG Next.
  • Attendance to Ambassador initiatives, such as events that they plan.
  • Attendance to ITG Next banquets.
  • Direct representations of themselves, their schools, and the ITG Next brand on their own digital media platforms and on ITG Next digital media platforms.
  • Creative content generation.
  • Serving as liaisons between schools and ITG Next.
  • Consistent internal and external communication between ambassadors and supervisors.

The ambassador program will also serve as a quality position of leadership and experience to add to college resumes. We will gladly be listed as references on applications and resumes for future academic and employment opportunities.

Please reach out to us directly with any questions at

Ambassador Program

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