Despite the serious nature of football, comedic moments happen often. This list highlights some of the funniest moments ever from different football games around Florida from college to the NFL.

University of Florida Players Make Incredible Blocks… on Each Other

In 2013, the Gators played Georgia Southern, a team they were expected to blow out. Instead, it was a competitive game that saw the underdogs win 26 – 20, crushing the Gators. To make matters worse, two players were shown aggressively blocking each other during a play, completely oblivious as to who was in front of them. Even better, the very next week against Florida State, two more players were noticed blocking each other on a kickoff. This was certainly not one of the Gators’ finer seasons.

Arkansas State Receiver Plays Dead on Fake Punt VS Miami

In 2014, Arkansas State traveled to Miami to play the Hurricanes. Down two scores in the second quarter, Arkansas attempted a fake punt on the four and 5. During the play, wide receiver Booker Mays crossed his arms and fell backwards, pretending to lie dead on the ground. The play wasn’t successful, as it ended with an interception; however, it will remain memorable thanks to Mays.

Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback Blaine Gabbert Surprises Defenders With Incredible Backward Pass

Quarterback issues have plagued the Jaguars for years. In 2011, rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert took the field against the Cleveland Browns. On third down with the ball in the end zone, losing 14 – 7 in the fourth quarter, the Jaguars were in a position to tie the game. However, a four-man rush got through to the young quarterback, causing him to panic and throw the football backward, losing 14 yards and forcing a field goal.

They went on to lose the game 14 to 10.


Jameis Winston’s Unfortunate Performance VS the Houston Texans

Winston started the game throwing a pick-6 to cornerback Bradley Roby. After spending some time on the sideline composing himself, Winston confidently marched his offense back on the field to right his wrong. He then proceeded to hilariously throw another interception his very next pass. This one was also returned for a touchdown, only to have it called back after an illegal blocking penalty. Winston went on to throw two more interceptions, losing the game 20 to 23.


Feline Steals the Show During Miami Dolphins VS Baltimore Ravens

In the fourth quarter of a highly competitive football game, with the Dolphins barely trailing the Ravens 0-40, the Dolphins held the ball facing a fourth down. As the play began, a cat sprinted down the sideline, drawing attention away from the blowout. The cameras zoomed in on the confused kitty, and commentator Tony Romo began analyzing the cat’s movement as if evaluating a football player. His descriptions were quite amusing and a much needed comedic relief to a depressing football game for Miami.



Written by: Cameron Jones